Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, Logan didn't get his wish today... he wanted his bloods to be too low for treatment, so that he could go home for the weekend and spend some time with his mates... it was not to be. Anyhow, I got my wish (for his bloods to be good) so that is all that matters... remember, its all about me!

A brief recap...

7am - up and downstairs for breakfast

8am - head to the hospital - get a carpark right outside on a wheelchair space (YAY).

8.30am - In early to the 'mask' appointment. Fits well...

9am - CT with the mask on. So quick, I didn't even get to do my puzzle!

9.30am - outpatients oncology - for an appt we didnt have... come back later!

10am - back in the room - chilling

10.30am - Logan receives a package which I ran downstair to get for him... very exciting... dont usually get ANY mail... turns out to be an autographed backpack from Daniel Carter, and a scarf and drink bottle... all authentic All Blacks stuff!!!! WOW!!!! Apparently organised by Dai Henwood and a lady called Sara, bless their cotton socks

11am - back to outpatients to have Logan 'admitted' NOT ' committed', although the later is a serious possibility

1pm - back to the house again, to collect sanity... Logan craving Indian... off again to look for restaurant

1.30pm - find a little place in St Helliers (cant remember the name). Great, tasty meal, but rather mild on the heat for medium. Plenty tho.

2.30pm - Drove Logan up Queen St - which has become quite imposing since we last drove through it. Consequently Logan wanted out quite quickly and we headed back to Ronald McDonald house.

We will be leaving here at 7pm to head up to the ward for his next round of chemo which will begin in the morning. His fluid starts tonight.

If you dont have a google account, please sign up (its free), so that you can reply to Logan.  He doesnt think anyone is reading this, so doesnt see the need to write....

Getting closer to T day now (thats transplant day). Possibly around 4 weeks... they are still co-ordinating dates and departments and stuff!!!!!

keep smiling all



  1. I read, I read!!! So does Brent and others. We will catch up with youse fullas on Sunday. I'll ring when we are on our way to get directions. Much love and huggles.

  2. I'm not much of a writer/poster either Logan, but I am a big reader.
    You can be certain that I check this site for any and all updates at least once a day.
    At least, on the days I'm on the internet ^_^

  3. We read it Logan.Get writing.:)