Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starship rocks....

Well here we are... rocketing through our treatment at starship (I know, bad pun). We arrived here yesterday afternoon. I took Logan for a quick drive around the park before we came into the dreaded hospital.  Having said that, it really isn't that dreadful.  Although looking a little worse for wear, it's an awesome environment for the younger generation. The ground floor, as Logan mentioned is awesome and they even have kids on the inhouse radio in the evening doing Karaoke and chatting. We have met the Northern Health School teacher today and true to form, Logan did his best to stay loyal to Sue in Hamilton by not agreeing to do much whilst here!
Our room is quite modern. Apparently oncology is the only ward here that has been refurbished. Logan has a largish flat screen t.v. mounted on the wall, and a PS3 in his room. I have been allotted a fold-down bed with a sleepyhead mattress. If it wasn't for the machine in our room malfunctioning all night, I would have had a fabulous night sleep! Logan did the usual and peed like a trouper! He is on 1ltr of fluids every 4hrs! Needless to say, he got very little sleep and tried to pretend that the morning had not arrived. They gave us the chemo regimen today for the week... it goes as follows:
Dexamethasone - everyday, three times a day, for five days
Vindesin - just today
Cytarabine - today and tomorrow, 12hrly
Etoposide - Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12hrly
Fluids - 3ltrs a day, everyday
intrathecal injection (into the spinal fluid) - under a general on Monday afternoon

They are also going to do his bone marrow biospy at the same time as the intrathecal so he only has to have one general.

The may release us to Ronald McDonald house on Sunday arvo and then bring us back in for a daystay on Monday to do the surgery. But then again... maybe not!

New rules here... Logan is stuck on the ward and cannot leave if he has a drip attached... no more walks around the lake or park! Also, I dont get fed! But who said you couldn't survive on baked beans and toast?!

Well Logan is happily playing on his PS3, and I might just take a wee kip. If anybody is in the area, we are on ward 27b (7th floor, but you have to use the lifts over the bridge (yes I did say bridge)) and we are in room 3.  Evan and Charlee are hoping to visit Friday night and stay at Ronald McDonald house... The nurse said visiting hours here are open so long as there are no more than 2 or 3 people at a time...

Reminder:::::::::::::::::: please donot bring children onto the ward. They will be asked to leave due to the measles outbreak.

As always
Love and hugs to you all... stay healthy and happy

Tracy and Logan

p.s. have photo's but forgot the cable so you will have to be patient!

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