Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 3 and all is going great guns

Hey all,
Logan and I are three days into our stay at the Starship Hilton and all is going well.  Two more days of chemo and then we can relax Sunday arvo and Monday morning in prep for the general on Monday arvo.  Charlee and Evan are nearly here for their overnight stay and we are very excited. We have missed them and Brad so much.  Unfortunately Brad couldn't make it, but we will catch up with him when we get home, which will either be on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Thanks to Emma, David, and Rowena who have also popped in from time to time.

We have had awesome nurses today (especially Nikki) and the doc's make a couple of discoveries. Firstly, that Logan's potassium is way too low, so he is having tablets... he is so overjoyed!!!! Secondly, he has developed steroid related diabetes. His last reading before dinner was 15, so he is having to have insulin shots. He wouldn't mind that so much, but unfortunately it also involves finger pricks before and after every meal, and 1/2 an hr after his shot, and 4hrly during the night. He hates the pricks worse!  On top of all this he is having eye drops 2hrly during the day, and 4hrly between midnight and 8am. The boy is becoming seriously sleep deprived!

But, everything else withstanding, we are doing well. Logan's invalid benefit is paying for his meals, as he does not like the ones here. Dean and Nikki have been bringing us food (thanks guys) to suppliment. We under estimated how much we would need, and also ran out of money. The big C is not cheap, as someone wise once told me.  The meat they brought is a welcome change from baked beans or spaghetti! My home eggs didn't last long but were nice while they did.

It's true that you dont know what you've got till it's gone.  We miss the Waikato immensely... Our friends, and adopted family, even the nurses and doctors.  We look out the window to an unfamiliar landscape of light pollution for as far as the eye can see. Our fast flowing point of reference is missing as is the green belt, and the soft white blanket the we usually wake to.

Till we see you all again, stay safe and healthy and hold each other close

Tracy and Logan

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