Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Staying at Ronald McDonald House on Grafton Mews

Hey all,
Today is Tuesday and we are staying at the lovely Grafton Mews... the same place that Charlee and Evan stayed last time.  It is nice to be staying here all together.  We have a lovely room (501) on the first floor which overlooks the carpark and bush.  Today, Charlee went to have her ECG, chest xray, and bloods done. Tomorrow she meets with the transplant team at 9am, and then at half 12, heads to Epsom to meet with the NZ Blood Services for a vein assessment... making sure that whatever they use is big enough to do the job. They have several options: arms, neck, or femural (thigh). Meanwhile, Logan and I, and possibly Evan (he gets split between Charlee and Logan), will attend his Transplant appointment in the morning, and then a meeting with the Radiation team after 1pm.  Busy, busy busy! Then later in the afternoon we will meet again with the oncology outpatients, and if he is well enough, they will admit him again to begin chemo the following day. If his bloods are still too low, I guess it will be delayed.  His neutraphils need to be at least 1.0 I think. But tomorrow is another day. Check back this evening... I have a feeling that something awesome will be happening today.... call it mothers intuition... (some call it medling)...

p.s. thanks to the lovely lady and her daughter, for their gift yesterday.  Thanks also to the other lovely lady for taking me grocery shopping yesterday, and thanks to my wonderful Uncle for your help tooo!!!

love and hugs....

Please feel free to visit us if you are an Aucklander!!!

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