Thursday, August 25, 2011

In a hurry so just a quickie tonight... (he he he)

Hey all,
Such a busy day. Logan was lights out by 9pm tonight and I am just down at the computer suite in Ronald McDonald House doing this for all of you!

Up at 7am, and shot off to the hospital to his appt with the Radiation people at 8am. Took forever to get a park, but we eventually made it. They were soooooo nice. To cut a long story short (we will elaborate later), they made a mask out of plaster cast of his head.  Today they were to convert it to a clear plastic mould which they will use to hold his head in place during the cranial radiation.  It took longer to get the carpark, than to do the mask!

Afterwards I took Logan to the Wintergarden (which have nothing on our Hamilton Garden's greenhouse), and then back the RMcD. At 11am, we took off to the North Shore and had a surprise visit with my sister Carolyn, folllowed by lunch with my Mum.  Stayed there for a couple or three hours, before heading back to chill before we cooked up dinner.

A quiet relaxing evening was had by all! I ended it by watching a man on t.v. give birth (I know....).

Anyhow, blessings to everyone, and to all a good night

luv Tracy

p.s. photos are to follow.... tried to upload them at Nana's today but her computer didn't like Logan.....

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