Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A comical suprise

Hiya guys.
As mum predicted I am blogging tonight, it was rigged I says.
But more on that later. I've been meaning to blog for a while, but just couldn't find the effort. Why would I blog when I could be watching Simon and Garfunkel's concert in central park (1981), chatting with 3 friends at once and downloading a new steam game? But today has seen the amount of news reach critical mass.
On Saturday, my hair became a problem again, and so me and mum went out on the deck to comb/pull out all the loose stuff. To put a long story short, dad joined in and together they plucked me like a chicken, leaving only a few fuzzy bits on the top and back. So when you see me next when we are out and about, expect a beanie because of the weather or my good old Fedora.
Today saw an early start to the day, as we had to be up here in Auckland by 10am, for Charlotte to attend a meetings required for her to be my Donner. It was a tight run thing with traffic springing up 20 minutes from our turn-off. But we made it with negative time to spare. Charlie made her meetings.
Now, to this mysterious event that I'm sure many of you are dieing to hear about. Do any of you watch "7 Days"? Well hold that in your mind for a second and I'll go from the start. Me and mum had headed down to the dining/lounge area here at the house to play a few hands of cards. After a few minutes she texts charlie (who is in our room) to come down and join us. 10 minutes after she does this, she gets a text of her own, which she says is from my auntie Caroline, saying that she is at reception. No one is there, and it eventually becomes clear that they are at the wrong Ronald McDonald house. So after further discussion and directions, we head up to a second floor deck which has couches to wait for them. Mum goes off to wait forr them outside a gate, and eventually walks off to find them, leaving me and Charlotte to chill. After 5 minutes I see someone that looked like mum, walking with a man. This is what went through my head, "that looks like mum. But shes with a man, and mum was getting Aunty Caroline, so it cant be. No, that is mum, she must have met an old friend. Wait! Is that who I think it is? It cant be. She hasn't! Omg thats Dai Henwood." And yes I was not mistaken. Somehow, mum managed to get in contact with Dai, and convince him to come visit us. So we spent an hour and a half chatting. Moving from the deck because of the sun, to our room, and eventually to the lounge. He's a great guy, a huge laugh, but very down to earth. In his own words he's "just a kiwi, trying to have a good time." He also left me with a CD and DVD of his work, which me and mum watched a little while after he left.
So yea, its been a good day. But like mum said, we're up here for a week, so I have a feeling that the fun will dissipate rather soon.
Thats all for today, photos will be coming soon.
Untill next time children, be good and stay healthy.

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