Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday morning and all is well... mostly

Hey all,
Logans chemo is progressing well. Evan came up to stay with us yesterday, but predictably, my brother stole him and he took off over there in the evening to watch the rugby and share an indulgence or two.

Logan and I slept the usual hospital sleep with Evan catching us still in bed when he arrived this morning. Logan has already gone diabetic, which is not surprising considering they gave him sucrose in his fluids for the first 24hrs.  Tried to tell them, but I am only his mother!

Blood sugar was 13 before breakfast. Still waiting to hear back from the endocrinologist.

Have loads of photos to post, but not much money on the t-stick so waiting for Monday when I am hoping that we can use either the hospital school, or Canteens computer.

Expecting visitors today... YAY!

Evan looks bored already and its only 10am ;)

Talk again soon people....

Love ya's

Tracy, Evan and Logan

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  1. Thinking of you heaps. All our love from the ASHCROOK lot