Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

OH MY GOD!!!!!!
If any of you are thinking of going to bed at 1am and getting up again at 5am, to drive for 10 minutes and then try to go back to sleep again... think again!
Logan and I did that this morning (except he went to bed at 11pm last night).
Anyhow, enough moaning.  What a fabulous day,  We are back in Room 22 on Ward 25 and have a wonderful view of the lake.  Saw Dr Michael today and he is please with how Logan is progressing.  He is scheduling him for a P.E.T. scan for about a month's time in Auckland, and also a plain knee x-ray.  The first is to get a multi-dimensional look at all the tumours in his body, so that we can see what exactly is happening.  This will be done just before his 5th round of chemo.  The x-ray is being done at some undisclosed time, known only to Dr Michael as, in his own words, he treats us like mushrooms - keeps us in the dark and feeds us bullshit! Although I think that that term mainly applys to me, as he and Logan have some riveting literary discussion, from which I am excluded (mainly because they talk a wierd type of Sci-fi language known only to boys).
Logan and Charlotte bought me a new camera today, so BEWARE, all visitors are fair game (cause this camera takes better (and faster) pictures than my phone).
Dr Michael explained the difference between the two chemo regimens a bit more today.
Logan's chemo is broken down into six blocks, each five days long:
AM1, BM1, AM2, BM2, AM3, BM3 (see the pattern)
He has had the first two and is beginning the 3rd.
AM chemo is much tougher on the bone marrow apparently, which is why it took him longer to recover last time, even though he tolerated it much better - hence the fever and double blood transfusion.
BM has two particularly toxic chemicals in it that do a good job, but are not so harsh on the marrow, just the stomach - hence the vomiting.
Frankly, Logan and I don't particularly give a toss, so long as it does the job!

Well, I'm too tired to keep going, and the camera hasn't finished charging, so I can't post a pic of the boy with the new no-do!


Enjoy the beaches, put on heaps on sunblock, and love every day

Tracy and the Avatar!

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  1. Happy New Year from the Klinacs. The date is a great start to (hopefully) a great year: 1.1.11!