Monday, January 3, 2011

What a beautiful day

Isobel brightened Logan's day with a visit
 Man, what an awesome day!
It is so sunny and the lake looks amazing.  Logan and I, along with Paul and Yvonne are hoping to go for a walk around some of it tonight.  Anyone else who wants to come along, just send me or Logan a text. We save our walks for the evenings when the sun doesn't attack his vampire skin quite so much.
This chemo is going really well.  He is chowing down big time on chocolate and blueberries (thanks Carol) and powering through his books.  We have spent some time watching some high powered gory movies (YUCK) and I am allowed to watch chick flicks on my laptop when I am good.
Last night Evan and I took him for a roll/walk all the way round the hospital.  It wasn't nearly as tiring for me as usual.  I must take Evan along to push more often.

Our lovely afternoon nurse, Jody, gives Logan his evening meds so we can take off for an hour... she is our partner in crime!
Here... catch... says Evan with a push!
Evan, Logan and I had a sleep over last night.  The nurses up here are pretty flexible, and so long as you dont make trouble, they pretty much let anything go. I got the lazy boy and Evan got the mattress on the floor.  I think I was better off!
We spend our evenings reading, watching DVD's or playing games... oh and sleeping!
Anyhow, keep up those visits, cause it helps pass the time, as Logan is totally sick of my face!

keep smiling
Tracy and Logan

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