Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chemo four begin's - Day 1

Yay! Finally we are back getting poisoned!  Nothing like a bit of toxicity to brighten an otherwise overcast day.  Dr Michael will be back from holiday on Monday and it will be great to see him.  We have missed his bright smile and Logan loves the intellectual discussions they sometimes launch into.

Thanks to the guys (Jordan, Ben, Jason, Leighton, Sam and Nick) who came to our place for Logan's L.A.N. party on Thursday and Friday. 
half of our garage of gamers
The other half... if only they would focus on their chores this well!

They got a bit more than they bargained for when we had to whisk Logan into hospital with a fever at 9pm, but true to our word, we brought him back before he turned into a pumpkin and the night continued.  The nurses in emergency were awesome.  We got whisked straight through to get him out of the infectious area - no waiting. Bloods were taken immediately.  The nurses have such a great sense of humour.  The room we always go to in A & E is #16 due to the positive pressure. Anyhow, on the wall is a picture of tigger (from Pooh Bear).  Near his butt someone has stuck a sign that says "Danger - Flammable Gas".  Every time we see this it has us in giggles and the nurses dont seem to have noticed cause when we tell them, they end up in giggles too.

Anyway, we are back up here, but in Rm 23 this time.  I keep accidentally going into 22, and it's starting to get embarrassing! If all goes to plan, we should be making an exit late on Wednesday evening...

It's quite exciting to know that we have now started treatment #4 - 2/3 of the way through.  In the next couple of weeks Logan will be having a PET scan in either Auckland or Wellington hospital (our one here isn't operational yet).  This will give us an indication as to how well his treatment is progressing.  Fingers (and other body parts) crossed please.

Thanks to everyone who is continuing to ring, text, and send notes/cards of support.  Logan (and the rest of us) really appreciate these and it is often that special message that lifts us up when we might otherwise drop a little low.

Thanks to Logan's friends who have been taking him to the movies, going shopping, playing computer games, and other 15yr old stuff which keeps him busy and makes the time pass quicker.

Thanks to the people who continue to drop by with meals and baking, and take washing, and just do those little jobs that don't seem to get done anymore.  You are truly amazing.

Thanks to those people who are supporting the rest of my family - they need it too (I think Evan needs to go out more for beer though, so I don't feel so guilty about going out for coffee!)

Love to you all and stay healthy

If you haven't already read Charlotte's post before this, please do so NOW! MWAH!

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