Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 3 - 3.30pm - and all is well

Gidday Guys and Gals,
Here is the latest report from the Mum with the Bum!, and her Glad Lad!
Life is good up here.  The nurses aren't bad (HEY DONNA....).  You better look this time... I'm not gonna put pics on here if you gonna keep losing the blog address!!!
Logan has been keeping well.  He is eating heaps... the meals for him are huge if he wants them to be.
A typical breakfast for the boy... I think he needs a bigger tray.  He can also order a cooked breakfast as he is on a special high calorie diet - I still like my cold toast, nothing beats it.

He has been pleasantly surprised so far and has had no side effects to speak of.
Logie and I would like to send out a big hug and kiss to Linda and Norrie.... will see ya soon....
Logan has had a slightly wierd day.  First he didnt want to pee at all, and now he cant stop peeing!!!! I wish he would make up his mind.
Alex and Kahn - my gorgeous son-in-law and his son
Thanks for popping in this morning Alex and Kahn.  Logan loved seeing you (even if he was in the middle of eating noodles at the time and seemed to be protecting them with his life).
Logan enjoyed his visit early in the afternoon with Sasha.  They chatted for ages and it gave me time to chill out and take a Nana nap.
Dont know how all of you fared out there last night, but we froze.  The last two nights have been rather cold.  I have added two extra blankets to Logan's bed today to see if that will help tonight.  As for myself, I am going to see if I can find a Lazyboy cause my back is killing me! I'm to old and fat to be sleeping on the floor.
The doctors came this morning.  It was great to see Michael and Colleen again.  They have both been away and we have only seen Zhi. Michael was his cool, confident and sarcastic self.  Logan was really pleased to have him back leading his treatment, and so was I.  Ellyn his teen cancer nurse dropped in too, so the room was full of people catching up and enjoying each others positivity.
Zhi, Colleen and Dr Michael, with Logan and Ellyn.  This is the awesome team who have looked after Logan every step of our Journey.
It's strange when you realise that in just over a month we will be at the end of this treatment and will be waiting to see how it has gone.  It has become such a way of life for our family now - the new normal someone called it.  But as someone else said... what is normal anyway.

Enough philosophising...

keep smiling and stay healthy
Tracy and Logie

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