Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 2 draws to a close

Hayley and Logan chill in the evening - good thing she has a good sense of humour!
Well, nothing, nothing and more nothing pretty much sums up our day today.  The highlight of our day was our nurses (Lorrie and Hayley).  Treatment has gone well. Evan and Wendy came to visit (thanks), but technically just Wendy is counted cause Evan HAS to visit or he gets to sleep in the doghouse!

Thanks to Whakarongo and her extensive collection, we are being entertained most of the day with DVD's.  Logan is craving potato chips, noodles and english muffins (not all together) this time, and thanks to Evan we have a large supply of everything (including chocolate).

On the medical side... his bloods are looking good.  Everything is at a normal level, although we all know this wont last too long!  He has a slight cough and runny nose which the doctors are not concerned about as he is well in himself and has no temp.  Having said this, he is red-faced, but they have no idea why so are not concerned.

Three more sleeps and we are home again.  After the last BM regimen they let us go in the evening so we are hoping this will happen again. Here's hoping Wednesday evening is good.

As I type this logan is enjoying an iceblock (patient privilege) while I just drool.  He doesn't seem concerned about eating in front of me... and I thought he was empathetic. LOL.

Anyhow, I am missing my movie whilst I type this, so this is all ya gonna get.  Have a great evening everyone and stay healthy.

Keep smiling
Tracy (and the iceblock monster)

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