Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Update

Hey Guys,
Sorry for the lapse in chat... been getting calls and text asking if everything is ok, cause we haven't posted anything.  All is great.  We got out of hospital last Wednesday instead of Thursday as Logan finished his chemo in the afternoon and was reacting badly to smells. We literally raced out of the hospital at 5pm, to try and outrun the smell of the food coming down the hallways.  Poor Logan! He nearly didn't make it, but once out in the fresh air he was good.  He was glad to be home.
The next day, however, was a bad one for Logan.  He could not keep any food down, (but credit to him, that did not stop him trying!) and he was constantly in pain with stomach cramps. These eased off on Christmas Eve, making Christmas day fabulous for all of us.
Christmas Eve was another day for change.  Logan, Alex, and Evan shaved their heads.  Logan was beginning to look like he did when he was a babe... hair on top, with gaps all around the edges from his head rubbing on the pillow!
He looks awesome now, and has got the nickname - ANG - the last air bender

The reason? when we shaved his head he was left with a faint brown line down the middle of his head.  We initially thought it was a birth mark, then realised that it was a suntan line!!!!!

So Logan just needs the arrow down the front and he's away. 

Christmas day was relaxed.  We spent the day with Evan's family this year. His parents came across from T.A., and his sister and her four came up from Nelson. (James the eldest even shaved his head - bless him). The sun shone, the birds sang, the adults drank, and the kids had a great day.  

Anyhow, this Friday (yes, New Years Eve) we go back in the morning for blood tests and then if they are all good, we head back in afternoon for our usual 6 day sleepover and the jungle juice starts pouring in from 6am on Saturday morning.  If not, they will either do a blood transfusion again, or we wait....

Thanks to everyone who has been texting, visiting and phoning over the break.  Logan has loved catching up with ya'll.

So Merry Christmas to everyone, and if we don't see ya, Happy New Year too.

We are enjoying everyday, just living and loving,

Stay well,

Tracy and whanau

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