Friday, January 28, 2011

2/3 over

Ello all those who still follow us on this blog.
Like it says in the title, we've reached the 2/3 milestone, just 2 more sessions, or 10 days of treatment if you think of it that way. I've reached the point where I'm slowly counting down, and each day of treatment I'm be knocking another off 9.....8.....7...... so on and so forth. I cannot wait for this to be over.

Cycle 2BM is over, and i have to say, it wasn't that bad. It went down a lot easier then my last BM, which left me sicker then a dog and feeling sorry for myself. I did get smell sensitive, but not nearly as bad, it was more an inconvenience then a major issue, with me being able to handle having mum bringing in some foods, just as along as i didn't have to eat them.

We never did see the Orthopedics doctors up at the hospital, we waited and waited, but they must have had more important things to do (but what could be more important then me ;D). We finally heard from them yesterday (thursday) through our house surgeon Dr Zhe, and apparently I'm allowed to start wait bearing on my leg, but seeing as this is based on an x-ray that even the radiologists admitted was hard to compare to an earlier version because of the leg being in different positions. So we've decided to wait for a more conclusive scan before we accept that my leg will hold me safely. Thankfully, we wont have to wait long for that. Sometime next week (we don't know what day) me and dad are flying off to wellington to have a PET/CT scan to compare with the one from America, so we might finally know if i can walk again.

Keep an eye out for my next post folks, I'll make sure to post after the PET scan, or after i get some results. So keep watching, your nearly there folks.
So you know the drill, Be good, and stay healthy.


  1. We are watching. So pleased you are 2/3 through. Well done young warrior!

  2. Hi Logan, Elsa and I (Robyn)left some blood for you at the blood bank, to get you through the last 1/3. Hope you like O+! I will leave you to guess who dragged who up to the hospital and who was the bigger wimp...

  3. Thanks so much... that's 3 girls and oh... 0 guys.... come on guys, get donating blood. Surely not ALL guys are afraid of needles!