Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Oh my goodness... if the world had no smells, it would be a better place. At least that's what Logan thinks right now.  He is surviving on English Muffins, Blueberries, chocolate, lemonade and potato chips. Consequently the meals up here aren't really doing it for him.  But all is well.  They have changed his anti-nausea meds too, to one that aims directly for the smell centre of the brain.  Clever Huh! He is a bit sleepier than usual though, but not sure if this is due to having a disturbed night sleep (noisy ward), or the new med. Time will tell.  He snoozes as I type.

Logan, Evan, Paul and Yvonne as we stroll around the hospital side of the lake, heading for the playground.

Logan resting by the lake...
On a totally positive note, Evan, Logan, Paul, Yvonne and myself made it down to the lake last night.  It was so lovely.  The air was fresh and the lovely nurses even let him off the leads so that he could free-wheel in his own wheel chair.
We are hoping to head down again tonight and have squirreled away some bread for the ducks.


  1. Nice to see you are getting out for evening breaks.
    Smells! Oooh so many smells were so yuck when I had morning sickness, even chocolate and coffee would set me going. Very cruel!

  2. He is so much like a pregnant woman!! He has cravings at stupid hours of the night too