Saturday, January 15, 2011

Houston we have a problem

Hiya guys, guess who?
That's right, this is your favorite cancer patient coming to you semi-live from not hospital but home.
Unfortunately therein lies the problem. Today I was due to start my fourth treatment today, but as with my last AM treatment (my treatments are split into alternating AM and BM treatments) my bloods are too low to start the next treatment on time.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting... must be a busy day down stairs! p.s. this is a good time to let all of you guys out there know that the blood bank up here is always in need.  Please give blood if you can so people like me can get what we need - thanks from all of us on ward 25 - we all need blood at some time or another...
It all happened a bit like this.
Yesterday (Friday) the district nurse came to our house at around nine in the morning. I was still asleep at this time so mum brought her down to my room, it was just like being in hospital.
The nurse took some blood and changed my lure plugs and dressing. We then got a call at approximately 11:30 to tell us my bloods were all to low to start chemo, but they still wanted us to come up to the hospital so that they could give me 2 units of blood, to bring my red blood cells up.
So off me and mum went, thinking we would be back by 7pm (1 hour to cross match the blood, and 6 hours to infuse (3 hours each unit)), but noooooooooo. nearly three hours for the cross match, left us two hours behind schedule, which if we were staying the night wouldn't have fussed us.
No need to say, it was a long day for me and mum.

So for another week we're home. It's somewhat annoying that we can't continue with treatment, but it is a necessity, and really, I'm not complaining.
That's all for now folks. I'll keep you updated it we have any more delays.
For now, be good and stay healthy.


  1. Frustrating for you and blood transfusions take so long, though not usually the cross matching!

    Hope you can enjoy the hometime.

    Keep well, keep positive!

    Tania and whanau

  2. 5 chins, or are they wrinkles?

  3. hey logan! want me to donate some blood just for you? i get little blood donation toys if i do mwahahhahahahaaa!