Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Relay for life-LOGANS RUN!!!

Hi everyone,
Charlotte here.
I've organised a team for Relay for Life on the 5th-6th March 2011.
It is being held at Ruakura.
(See www.relayforlife.org.nz for more information)
If you are interested in joining our team then let me or Logan or Mum know. Either through comments on here or text or phone call so we can register you. It will be $20 per person and that will pay for a t-shirt, power, and Sunday breakfast etc.
If for any reason you don't wanna run/walk/crawl/roll laps with us, you can help us with our fundraising efforts by going to http://www.relayforlife.org.nz/index/donation.
We are called LOGANS RUN!!!!!
We will have a BBQ set up for dinner, and a tent, and tables so people are welcome to come by and do a few laps (you don't have to be registered) or you can hang out with us the whole time!
Hope you can come,


  1. COUNT ME IN! i cant run but im keen to waddle my way around! mum says at least if she cant drive us up there i could drive myself or i can bus up there but im determined to waddle! il even bring some clothes and might dress up funny for it (you guys can paint me if ya want ^.^ some team colours)

  2. Haha very cool. We will think of a team theme before hand. And you don't have to walk/waddle/run the whole time. We just have to always have someone on the track with our baton. Glad you can join us :)