Saturday, January 8, 2011


To all you reading me now, this is Logan Roose coming to you not-live from Hamilton's top none-radio station, the Roose household.

Before we start in force I must say, yes, I know that i haven't posted personally in a little while, yes, I've missed your nonsensical ramblings as well, and yes I am alive, thanks for asking :-)

Now, on to whats happened lately.
To tell the truth, things have been mostly quiet. No surgery to have lines planted in my chest, no uncomfortable vomiting (thank god) and no new drugs (except that anti-nausea drug mum mentioned in the earlier post, but i only took that one once then gave it up). Things have been reasonably nice, I say "Nice" in the vaguest possible sense. I did have that problem with smell sensitivity when I was in hospital again, and boy am I over it, it makes life so difficult. So again as mum said, I was surviving on English muffins especially the berry fruit ones, although this confuses mum, as she finds them the smelliest type of English muffin. This is entirely true, but as I've tried to explain, THEY TASTE GOOD! And it's not all smells that set me off, just a good lot of them.

What else, what else. Ah yes my new laptop. For Christmas, dad went out and organized a laptop for me, so I would have something to watch movies on, and play small games that don't like to work on macs. And i love it! FINALLY something I can actually "play" on, rather then simply being able to place posts and watch the occasional movie on mums computer. It does have a rather short battery life, owing to the fact that it's second hand, but that wasn't a problem, you just plug it in, and leave it in. Until it decided to throw a hissy, now it wont charge when you plug it in. We picked the problem up quickly and we got it repaired, and it worked fine. UNTIL...... it decided to pull the same stunt, two days later. We'll hopefully get that fixed soon, but no big rush anymore, because I'm HOME!!!

Hmmmmmm, next. Thanks to all those that visited me. lets see if i can name you all.
  • Sasha
  • Liam
  • Dan, Jesse, Rose
  • Hannah, Emily, Helen
  • Alexander, Sacha, Yurika, Alistair
  • Isobel
  • Jim
  • Paul, Yvonne
  • Dean, Nikki, Latham, Lainey
  • Jasmine
  • Jamie
  • Charlotte
I think that's you all. If i missed you, forgive me.

Now I think I will leave it at this. I will try to write more. But for now I'm at home, feeling good and so I'm happy. I also have a lack of commitments between now and next Friday, so if you feel like visiting or want to catch up, let me know.
till next time, be good, and stay healthy.


  1. It was good to catch up with you and your family on Saturday for a pot luck BBQ at our place. It wasnt meant to be a pot luck but we were so disorganised you guys had to take pot luck! You were very gracious guests. It was a great night with the kids and we loved every minute of it.

  2. Thanks for having us guys. We had an awesome time. How many chins?