Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 4 and all is smell!

Hey everyone,
Last night Logan discovered the world of smells again.  It is quite funny the things that he is smell sensitive too.  Our dinner came in.  The crumbed schnitzel was not allowed to stay in the room, but my egg mornay was.  He is happy to eat Mi Goreng noodles (which stink by the way), but not mashed potato.  Spicy English muffins rate fabulous, but roast dinners are binned, and this morning baked beans was woofed down but scrambled eggs were shunned!
I think the boy is having me on. 
Anyhow, he is starting to feel slightly under the weather but nothing serious and is still smiling and chatting.  He has started to get a bit more tired, but an attempt to get a nap this morning proved futile as the ward was extremely noisy with rounds going on and maintenance men in the ceiling.  Even ear plugs were no help.
Thanks to the people who have already text today to ask to come and visit.  Logan is looking forward to someone else's face other than mine, and I used up all my jokes a long time ago. You can visit at the following times today or tomorrow: 7pm to noon the following day (teens be sensible), and 2pm - 5pm.  At meal times we batten down the hatches to keep him smiling.  If you are in the room with us at this time, be prepared to be TRAPPED!
Doc's came this morning. Today and tomorrow Logan has 2 extra poisons added... such fun.  He has given us the definite OK, to head off tomorrow night... provided Logan is all good Blah Blah Blah... (wasn't really listening after he said yes).
Also checked something else that we were unsure about.  Logan definitely had no cancer in his brain (so his abnormal behaviour is just him being him!!!!!), but the lumps on his head were cancer.  They were subcutaneous, which means outside the skull... YAY!
Speaking of skulls and brains, my brain is tired already, so take care everyone...

see you soon and stay healthy
Tracy and Logie

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