Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The morning brings a sleepy Logan.  He slept fairly well last night and didn't emerge from his cocoon till 9am.   Nice for some.

Before I had managed to get him some breakfast, he has a surprise visit from big sister and Jamie.  In the pic above, they are chilling out in the lounge while Logan makes himself decent.  There is a lot of construction going on outside and Jamie was chattering on about the diggers.  He had us in stitches.

Poor Jamie! Every time he sees Logan, he seems to be looking at someone different.  He took a while again before he would believe it was Logan.  We had to show him Logan's hat and prove it.  He soon became a happy chappy when he saw the blueberries and said "grapes please Aunty" to Charlotte.  How can you resist the charm?! 

Charlee you are so brave coming up to the hospital... Logan knows how much you hate them, and still you come.  MWAH!

DOC just came and said all is good and we can go home in the morning!!!! YAY. Bring on the comfy bed, fresh air, and good company.

Steph is one of Logan's darling nurses.  She is such a hoot!  One day we passed her walking her dog by the lake and when she said hi to Logan, he was baffled, till his chemo brain kicked in and he recognised her face! So what exactly were you looking at Logan?????  Here she is putting up his morning dose of chemo. Nothing like a bit of cytotoxic waste straight after breakfast...

Baked Bean Uncle Dean and Chocolate Bicki Aunty Nikki, with Lainey and Latham dropped in on their way to Tauranga just before lunch.  Poor Uncle Dean.  He doesn't like hospitals, and he had to come in with a hang-over!!! He really shouldn't try and keep up with Evan when he visits.  After all, us Waikato people are made of tougher stuff! 

This is definitely the face of a man who is suffering the effects of overindulgence and dehydration!  Payback little bro... as you continue on what you have lovingly named "The Sealesford Whinging Family Christmas Tour".  Love ya and catch ya when you are next in town.

As for the rest of you, hopefully the next blog with be from the logster, cause I am no good at this chat thing...

Will try and get him to flick one up before we leave in the morning, but don't hold ya breath... or maybe even this evening.

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