Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 4 - part 2 - what a busy day

Wow! talk about visitor central.  Thanks to Paul and Yvonne, Nikki, Jesse and Rosemary, and of course devoted Daddy who stopped by to brighten Logan's day.  Somehow it went from lunch to dinner and we weren't exactly sure where the time had gone.  We still haven't seen the orthopaedic surgeon yet (who was suppose to come by today) so assume they will stop by another day.

HEY AUNTY NOLA - Haere mai, haere mai, haere mai.  Welcome to our blog... we are so pleased that you found your way by yourself.  No small event for you I know.  We will come see you in a couple of days when we escape...
Hope you and Uncle Peter manage to figure out how to post a comment, but if not, give Brad a ring and he will pop over and set you up.  If anyone else is stuck, and would like to post comments but doesn't know how, get hold of Brad or Charlotte.  They are the experts.

Due to all our precautions, Logan has had a great day.  He has only been able to eat the hospital breakfast, and has survived on Mi Goreng  noodles, and lollies for the rest of the day.

Logan loves Jaffa's, dinosaurs, jet planes... basically lots of lollies... if you are coming bring a couple and he will be your friend.

One more sleep to go....

Sweet dreams everyone
Tracy and Logie

p.s. don't tell Logan I told you, but he sleep talks.  Last night he was apologising because he couldn't control his power.  I want to know exactly what power he has and if it will help me do the housework.!!!


  1. Aww Logan you are such a cute baby brother.
    Yes, you are my baby brother, you can stop growing now, I'm starting to look like your baby sister!
    Love you

  2. Hey Logan & Whanau!!
    Its Aylish.. If you guys remember who I am! Hahaha. Just wanna send all mine & mums love to you guys.. Sorry its taken so long to join up & follow this blog! Haha. Stay strong Logan! Much love :) xx

  3. Hey - If you find out about the housework power - I wanna know if it works at my house!

  4. Too true... I am sure my teens think housework is down by the fairies!
    Hows life in the capital?