Sunday, December 5, 2010

Home is good

Hiya guys, Logan here.
Sorry to the people who watch daily for updates about the delay between posts, but things kept getting in the way of updating the blog. What with meals, sleeps, chemo and other little things that end up taking loads of time or making the times I would have updated in too short.

Now, to the update.
As you read in an earlier post I had a Hickman line surgically implanted in my chest on Tuesday, and so far sooooooooo good. I will admit that the vein hurt a bit for the first few days, and it's still tender if i use my right arm too much or stretch the area. But on the plus side, NO MORE LURES OR BLOOD TEST NEEDLES! When they want to give me chemo, they tap into a line. If they need blood, it draws from a line, also I have 2 lines so they can pump fluids and chemo at the same time. The main draw backs are that I cant stay way from hospital for a full week as they have to flush my line so that I don't get clots, and the fact that I'm can't have a bath or swim. Oh well, showers for me, and for as long as the pros out weigh the cons I will put up with them.

Now, most of the week went by quite quietly. It consisted of more chemo drips, blood tests (from my new line) and resting. We had visitors, a couple of my friends, grandparents (as in the below photo) and great people who helped keep me and mom sane. We're home for now, we have a week at home between chemo cycles. All we have to do is stop in at the hospital on Tuesday for a flush and blood test, other then that, we're free, and it feels so good to be in a comfy bed, in a quiet room. We got home Saturday morning, and it was a relief to be home without a constant drip or chemo. One thing that does bear mentioning was on Friday night, when I got a little nauseous. Nothing serious, they have drugs to stop it before it gets too bad, but it's the drugs that make this story. As I was feeling rather nauseous and was already on the basic anti-nausea drugs, they popped me on one called nosenan (think that's how you spell it) which has a very common side effect for it's breed of drugs, it makes you drowsy. And I was taking this at 9 at night, when my body was already tired, so I spent a good 30 minutes in an over tired, semi-drugged state, which apparently resulted in slurred speech and me making a fool of myself, which was found rather humorous to my dear mother who was observing all of this.

Now i think that brings me up to date. If people want to visit, feel free, just text me or mum and organize a time.
So this is me, signing off for now. It may be a little while before I update again, simply because there will hopefully be nothing that needs reporting till i return to hospital next Sunday.
So goodbye for now, be good, and stay healthy.

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  1. Hi Logan, we got your blog address from your lovely Mum who happens to be our little girl's favourite teacher at Knighton. We hope that you feel better everyday. Our prayers are with you too. You are lucky to have very supportive family members and friends. Please extend our regards to both Tracy and Evan.

    Zue & Khairul