Sunday, December 12, 2010

Low immune system

Hiya guys, Logan here.
Just wanted to post a quick update before I head back into hospital this afternoon.
To start with, I've had a lovely week at home. Thanks to all those that visited or called, you brightened my days.
Only two hiccups this week, and that involved my line and bloods. On Tuesday morning, me and mum piled into the car to make an appointment at the hospital to have my Hickman line serviced, this involves changing the bandage that covers the wound, changing the plugs, flushing it with saline and drawing a sample of blood. The first three things went off without a hitch, but when it came to blood, we encountered a problem. They couldn't draw from my line. They tried and tried, without success. We knew the line was in the vein and working because they we're able to pump saline into the line, but they couldn't draw anything out. Apparently this is due to a thing called a fibrin sheath, which hopefully they can fix when we are readmitted later today. The other problem occurred Yesterday morning when I headed off to Pathlab to get a blood sample taken. Taking the blood from my arm wasn't the problem, that went really well, I might even go as far as to say it was the best blood test I have ever had, I barely felt it. It was the results that scared me. It turns out I am severely Neutropenic, which is where your white blood cell count is so low, you effectively have no immune system. This is a common side effect of chemo therapy, although it usually happens closer to the time of the treatment, not the day before you go in for the next, your White blood cell count is usually on the rise again by then.
But other then those things, life has been pretty sweet, other then the obvious.

Despite the fact that I am neutropenic, we are still welcoming visitors. You just have to text or call before you come, as before, to make sure we aren't busy. And if you have any known illness, PLEASE stay away, now is a bad time for me to get the flu.

OK, well that is all for now, I will endeavor to keep the blog updated with things that are happening as we move into my second round of chemo.
Until then, as always, be good and stay healthy.

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