Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 4...

Another shaky start to the day, but a bit of laughter always gets you through the tough bits.  Logan appears to find my singing hilarious - I thought it would be comforting! Oh well... We both got to sleep in this morning, and Logan took a wee while to summon up the courage to eat breaky but it all went well.  Our day nurse, Donna, is fabulous.  She got him joking and laughing, as did Dr Jameson.  I don't know how his family survives, he never seems to say a sane thing!
Logan and I managed to snap a rare pic of Donna (our nurse)...
she often puts the bubbles into Logan's day and we are always thankful to see her smiling face.
It was awesome to see Lynette and the kids with Nana last night (forgot to take a photo, bugger!).  They have grown so much.  And as kids will, they were not afraid to ask the hard questions. Nothing like a bunch of South Islanders bringing up a bit of southern comfort (so to speak).
Logan is beginning to tire more at the moment, so we are tending to keep visits short, and trying to make sure that he has a nap between 1 and 3pm.  Please keep texting him or I if you are coming, just in case we already have a full house, or incase he is asleep.
We have hassled the nurses and doctors heaps, and are hoping (if Logan behaves himself) to go home after our  treatment on Wednesday. He is beginning to get a severe case of cabin fever!
Love and hugs....
till we chat again

p.s. forgot to say, Logan's chemo today is EXACTLY the same colour (and yes we compared them) as Franks Sparkling Tangy Blood Orange juice. . . which is hilarious as it went in his line at the same time as he was drinking the drink! The child is weird!

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