Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back for round 2...

I know that a lot of you will be disappointed, but as Logan is sleeping peacefully, I am going to write this entry.  We arrived last night on the lovely ward 25, and after sweet-talking the nurses, Logan had us moved to a room with a shared toilet (YAY!).  Thanks also to Charlotte who is plying the nurses with her home-baking.  They love it and it always pays to keep the nurses happy.  Logan slept comfortably on his lovely ergonomically designed bed, whilst every one of my bones seemed to find the hard floor through the mattress on which I was lying.  As I write this, Logan has already had the first chemo of the day, and is 1/3 of the way through the heavy duty monster! They spend today poisoning him with this methatrixate and then over the next four days will be trying to get it out of his system!  I tell you, it's kill or cure up here! Tis a very fine line they walk.
Logan is beginning to look even more like his Dad these days as his hair begins to thin (sorry Evan).  But I have been informed, that when Logan decides to shave the lot off, then Evan and Alex will be joining him.  If anyone else out there wants to come along and make the sacrifice let us know.  We are gonna stick a picture up on the blog of their shiny noggins.  There is nothing quite as sexy as a bald head!
Finally, with Christmas fast approaching, please keep those texts and blog posts coming.  They keep Logan afloat. A 15yr old without a social life is unheard of so don't let him get bored.  God knows what trouble he will get into.

Merry Christmas all of you
Keep well and give your family and friends hugs every day

Logan and Sasha - a regular visitor

Love always

Tracy and family

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