Wednesday, December 15, 2010


All good... home now till my bloods sort themselves out.  They are taking more bloods on Friday morning and if all is sweet I am going in for my 2nd treatment that afternoon.  Bit anxious about it tho, cause the doc said there are a few people with vomiting and diarrhea on the ward... dont want it to be me!

Come visit me! (unless you are crook)



  1. Gee can I post a message now it has only taken this old fart 2 hours, no laughing anyone, except me, heheh

  2. Yesssss, well Logan Aunty Nikki wants to leave you a message from all of the sealesford's, and I am sure I was funnier the first time I wrote it, but it really sounds like you are having a CELL of a time, we are all thinking of you especially in the busy Christmas rush, because we miss far away friends and family even more at this time. We are planning what I have Nik named our 'Midlands tour' after New Year and we are hoping to spend some time with you all if all is well and you are up to it, Helaina is especially concerned and needs to reconnect with our new handsome cousin-it!!! Dad and Uncle will par-take in some wine and we can all have a real good jolly laugh, keep on keeping it real in Logan style, we love you for that, truck loads of love and hugs, Chocolate Bicky Aunty Nikki and family, talk soon :)