Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanks Peachgrove Intermediate

OK guys, on to the third post of the night.
Me and my entire family would like to thank Peachgrove Intermediate for their support in this troubling time.
We found out this afternoon that they had held a mufty day to raise funds for our family.
One of the teachers stopped by our house and presented us with an envelope, explaining the situation before I even got a chance to open the card.
Needless to say, this left mum with "something in her eye" and the rest of us stunned.
So again I would like to thank Louisa and the staff and students at Peachgrove Intermediate, you guys made our day.


  1. Wow that is amazing news, I am glad some good things are happening down there. I think of you all the time,
    Love Nana Diane

  2. Thanks nan. It is great to have some nice things happening for us after all thats happened so far.