Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're out of here!

Yay! Convinced the extra amazing Dr Michael to let us out of here.  We are heading off at 5pm (on the dot) so that Logan doesn't have to smell dinner.  It makes him do green things.  He is particularly sensitive to smells - not tastes.  But is also vulnerable to people talking about food.  Lost his breakfast before he even had it this morning, then ate 4 peices of toast.  Had beef noodles for lunch (which stunk to me) and then settled down for a nap.  The sound of the dinner trolley sets him off.  They have prescribed a mild pill to relax him.  But having said this, all he talks about is the things he is going to eat when he gets home... like a cooked breakfast, Dad's lasagne, hot chilli sauce, english muffins... all kinds of random foods.  So far the booze is safe... I think!

Had to post the pic below.  Nobody usually gets to see this except me and the nurses... Logan is so cute when he sleeps.


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