Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wild Night

Hi guys,
I was planning on posting an update yesterday, but with the way things went I'm glad I didn't.  yesterday morning I went back into hospital to hopefully start my 2nd round of chemo.  We spent 6 hours waiting to see if we could stay or if my blood cells said that I couldn't start chemo yet.  Turns out I was no longer neutropenic but my red blood cells were still too low to start chemo.  So off home we went  thinking we had three days at home before we went back on Friday to start chemo, hopefully,  on Saturday. 
at 7pm my temp started to climb and kept going till it spiked at 38.6 at 8.30pm ruining everyone's evening including my parents who were out at my sisters dance recital.  We rushed to emergency dept at the hospital around 9ish when I would rather have been asleep. They thankfully moved us through quite quickly as we have this little yellow card with INFECTION ALERT written on it.  As always the hospital staff were awesome and within a short time we saw a doctor.  They were not happy and decided to admit me!!!!! AGAIN!!!!! There goes my sunbathing routine!
They took a zillion bloods - some from the hickman and some from a peripheral line (my arm) - to see if they could locate the cause of the infection.  They also had to take what they call cultures in large glass bottles! They take at least 24hrs to see if they grow anything. My platelets are so low at the moment, I thought I would turn into a human sieve. On the upside, I have heaps of white blood cells and my nutrafils are fabulous now!
The doctor has just been.  He said that the antibiotics can stop and they are going to give me 2 units of blood, then send me home tomorrow.  They think the stuff Mum jabbed me with the other day might be too powerful for me and so will probably change it to giving me small daily doses instead!!!! HOW AWESOME!!!! (not) MORE NEEDLES!

Anyhow, hopefully Mum and I will head home in the morning... visitors welcome... come save me from Mum's cotton wool!

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