Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One to go

Hiya guys.
Not much been happening since my last post, so unfortunately this post wont be as long as my last.

Drivers of the world beware! I'm now legally allowed to drive, so cringe in fear as I try and own the roads.
I passed my learners yesterday with  a score of 33/35 which is an average score. Hopefully mum will give me my first lesson today or tomorrow, and I will be well on my way to first my restricted, then full licenses.

Yesterday was also 1 week after my last treatment, so had my bloods taken. Turns out I'm severely neutropenic (low white blood cells), 0.2 when it should be around 8. So that keeps me out of hospital for a couple more days. Bit of a mixed blessing really, on one side it gives me more time at home (no school, too dangerous) to relax and all that. On the other side, we really want to get in for my last treatment, and get it over and done with. So we get more bloods taken thursday to hopefully get me in on Friday, when we'll talk to Micheal about results. He's also taking my case back to the weekly lymphoma conference to see what they think should be done after treatment and I assume how long to give it before re-scanning me.

So I'll keep you guys posted on whats happening. I'll hopefully post again on Thursday or Friday.
Till then, be good and stay healthy.

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