Friday, February 25, 2011

And we begin again... Round 6

Hey Ya'll
We have begun again! Started last night with a blood transfusion - definitely a vampire! His  blood level was about 89 last night for his red blood cells, which was just a little low.  They only gave him one unit of blood at this stage... mainly cause I was too busy with meetings and things to get him in before 8pm.  But if he still needs it, they will give him some more at the end of this session, on Tuesday.
Yesterday, we had a bit of excitement. Pru, our initial registrar, came to see us while we were being admitted.  We were so happy to see her.  The three of us chatted for ages.  She is a real people person and looked after us so well when we first got our diagnosis and were living in fear.
Logan and Pru - they chatted for ages, catching up on each others adventures

So far today, Logan and I are waiting for the doctors.  He is onto his 2nd chemo of the day. We are in Room 17, which is a transplant room.
Advantages: Airconditioned, t.v., fridge, video, DVD, bathroom with shower, private, off a room off the corridor so very quiet, beautiful view.
Disadvantages: Airconditioned, very small, no curtains.
BUT WHO'S COMPLAINING!  Come visit Logan. We want this week to go as fast as possible for him.
We are also trying to come up with a way to thank the staff for all that they have done for us, and may continue to do in the future.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.  They have been AMAZING!
We will keep you posted, and let you know when we have heard from Michael.

love and health to all,

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  1. Sounds all good n promising, fingers crossed for your chat with Dr Michael! :)
    love always
    Aunty Tracey and the rest of the clan! :)