Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chemo five - day 5

What a fabulous day... It is the perfect day to be getting out of hospital.  I am ignoring that fact that I am sweating like a pig in a hospital ward that is overheated and understaffed! 

We had an awesome nurse today - Priya (pronounced prayer) - who has been looking after Logan so well.  She is kind and caring and thoughtful of his needs as a teenager.

He has his first male nurse this afternoon - Rovi - who only has his for about 5hrs till we head off.  This afternoon we are heading home!  We should be leaving here at about 7.30ish.  Paul and Yvonne are going to meet us at home with a birthday dinner that they have cooked for Evan (thank goodness for our friends). 

Logan has again developed smell sensitivity, but it is not severe and he is coping well.  We have reorganised the times that he takes his anti nausea drugs to suit him better.

We are semi-excited that Logan is heading to Wellington on Monday to have his PET scan.  It will give further direction to our lives.  Logan talks often of the things that he would like to do with his life and we would like him to get on with it.  He would like to get back to school, learn to fly, learn to scuba dive, travel to weird and wonderful places like Morocco and taste exotic food.  He has goals and he wants to get started on them.

stay well,

hopefully Logan will post for you again, adding his unique sense of humour

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