Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chemo five begins - day 1

Hey all,
We begin this session in a totally new room... 24.  At the end of the corridor which leads to ward 5.  This is convenient for those of you who sneak up through their ward and into ours.  Logan is having a great day so far... managed to convince me that the hospital food was really bad, which meant I ran out and bought him some toasted sandwiches.  His cough is beginning to annoy him somewhat so the doc decided to take an x-ray.  He has meds running all day though, so they have delayed it until this evening after dinner when the ward is quieter and a nurse can go with him. This afternoon I nearly killed him though cause I told him a whole lot of jokes that my boss sent me and he ended up in a coughing fit.  After he was finally able to breathe again, he told me to keep going cause they were awesome! Go figure...
For those of you who don't know, it is Evan's birthday this Saturday.  We have given him the gift of peace.  Charlotte and Brad are going to CanTeen camp out at Raglan from Friday to Sunday, and Logan and I won't be home till Saturday evening, but if any of you are free give him a buzz and go round with a beer, he would love that.
We had the awesome Carolyn as our nurse this morning.  She is so fun and makes our day pass quickly.  Unfortunately for Logan, the x-box has been relocated to the paediatric outpatient clinic, but Ellyn has promised to drop it back before she goes home.
Carolyn has just brought today's nurse - Hannah - into to meet us.  She is just as bubbly and vibrant as Carolyn...
It's gonna be a great day...

Stay well friends and fight the good fight

Tracy and the Avatar

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