Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chemo five - day 2 draws to a close

Evening campers,
Dunno what life is like on the outside, but here at the Hilton Waikato time is slipping by like money in a teenager's hands.  There have been no drama's or disappointments to report just fabulous nurses and loads of bad jokes.  Logan had scrummy hamburgers for dinner, but lets just say mine was indescribable... The ice cream and jelly was lovely!  Logan enjoyed seeing his Nana this afternoon (Thanks for the chocolate (which he won't share!)), and Daddy this evening.  We are appealing to have the schools closed again so that his visitors come back!!!! Drat their desire to learn!
Dr Michael came to see us this evening (long time no see doc), and we chatted about life after the PET scan.  The short and curly of the situation is:
If there are no 'hot spots' remaining in the soft tissue then one assumes the cancer is dead.  We then complete session six and follow up with another PET scan in a few months (time to be determined).  Unfortunately, unless they are new hotspots, marks on the bone can also indicate healing bone (i.e. from a break, or a bone regrowth after a tumour has checked out).  That is why they look at the soft tissue.  As he had plenty of both, if gives them lots to look at.
The flip side of this is if he finds soft tissue 'hot spots'.  This will mean that whatever is left has become a stubborn #### and will require stronger guns.  He will consult with NIH before he talks with us about the options should this occur.
This is far to heavy to think about at this time of night, so I am going to eat my jelly beans and annoy Logan (my two favorite things to do).
Thanks again to our awesome nurses (Carolyn and Jody) who put up with all our crazy talk and grumpy frowns in the morning from lack of sleep.

REMEMBER... Logan is running a team in the Relay for Life (Logan's run) so sponsor us (especially me) online, or drop us a donation.  It is a great cause which raises money for the Cancer Society.  Give up those coins people!!!!

Until we chat again...

stay healthy and smile!!!


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  1. Hey thanks for that good description...heres praying and waiting. Love you all