Saturday, February 5, 2011

Detail Logan, detail!!!!!

Sorry guys,
can you tell that Logan has just got a new game and can't been separated from it??
A more detailed summary of life at the moment is a follows:

Logan has basically been well since getting out of hospital last time.  He has had a bit of a cold and a wet cough.  Took him to the doctor today and she has put him on antibiotics. Also took bloods and requested urgent results to see if an infection was brewing.  On Monday he flies to Wellington in the afternoon, with Evan, and travels straight to Bowen Hospital for his PET/CT scan.  This is scheduled for 6pm (if the isotope arrives from ozzie on time).  He can only drink water from 12noon, so is going to be very hungry and thirsty byt the time its all over.  Apparently he is given an isotope and has to wait in a quiet room with no distractions all alone for 45 minutes.  He is then transferred to another room to have the scan done.  Hopefully it will be finished before they both turn into pumpkins.

When they get out, they have to phone a shuttle to take them to where they are staying at Wakefield Apartments.  This appears to be about a 1/2 hour drive.  So after a late night meal and a hostel sleep, they will be collected at 10am and transported back to the airport for the flight home.  Then, as Logan will be starting chemo again the following day, we assume he will back into hospital that afternoon, ready to fight the good fight.

Evan has jut reminded me that our good friends Rochelle and David are down there, so if you guys read this, eyes open! The boys may come and eat all ya food!!!


Take care everyone, and keep up with that fundraising.  Thanks to everyone who has joined our team, and for all the money raised so far.  We have a healthy amount of competition going on here... Evan is the one to beat so far!

big hugs.
the hamilton roosters!

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