Friday, February 11, 2011

The wind changed and the sun came out...

Funny how sometimes, when people have time to think about decisions that are maybe made a little quickly, they come to other conclusions...
The cool guy who runs this floor came to see me this morning.  After meeting with management and other staff members, he decided that due to Logan being a man/child and me being here all the time to attend to his needs etc, etc, etc, they have decided to reinstate my carer meals for however long Logan will require hospital treatment.  Logan, never being one to hold a grudge, had moved on and been planning what we could do for the nurses when he finishes here in a few weeks, whilst I (not being nearly as pure) had been planning a letter for management.
Needless to say, I humbly and gratefully accepted his kind offer (and threw away the letter). One less thing to organise or worry about.
Logan has been having a great round this time... hope this wont jinx it.  He is well in himself and thanks to Paul and Yvonne, has a great stack of books to pile through. 
Shockingly, yesterday, I spied my work colleague in the Room next door to us - although technically in the next ward.  He has been discharged today, but it was great to catch up with him. 
Logan and I are looking forward to going home tomorrow night and spending Evan's birthday with him.  It is always great to have our family back together after treatment.  Brad and Charlotte are going on a CanTeen camp this weekend out at Raglan. It will be strange not having them home on a birthday.

Take care everyone and stay healthy

Tracy and the Avatar!

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