Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chemo five - Day 3

Bright side... the dermatologist has examined all the marks on Logan's body and has given him the all clear as far a skin cancer goes.  I had asked them to take a look as he has many lumps and bumps and with his reduced immune system, bad things could have grown.
Not so bright side... THEY CUT MY CARER MEALS!!!!!
At lunch time Logan's meal was delivered. I went and asked if I could have mine, and was told that all carer meals had been cut.  Needless to say, I was rather short tempered about the whole affair (not to mention hungry) and so didn't take this information too kindly. 
There doesn't appear to be anything I can do about it, so Evan is going to bring in some bread and spread for me to last me till we get out on Saturday evening.
The nurses are fabulous up here and I cant say enough about them, but if if carers like me didn't do what we do for patients they would be run off their feet even more than they are.  The nurses don't make the policies - management does - figures!
Most patients here have a carer who stays with them and attends to their personal needs.  It probably costs a lot less to give us a meal than to employ more nurses.  Simple economics really...

Any how, now that I have vented my days woes, I will end this on another positive note,

Logan is doing fabulous and we are just waiting for the scan and it's results to see if he can begin to walk again.  It will be an exciting step (pardon the pun) for him. 

take care and stay healthy everyone


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  1. !@#$% Cant believe it! When I was nursing carers not only were so helpful but they also provided the love and stimulation that staff cant. Crazy world!