Monday, February 7, 2011

Houston........... Me again.

Hiya guys, guess who.
As you guys know, as today is Monday, by all rights i should be in wellington.
As the time is 7:45 I should be just finishing my scan around now.
Well three guesses where I'm not. If you guessed either: Wellington, Bowen Hospital, Wakefield apartments or the moon, you'll be correct.
Apparently Wellington is experiencing atrocious weather and no aircraft can land in wellington airport. Although if you ask me, gusts of 22km/hr is not that bad.

But we will let all that go, because it means that I'm starting chemo tomorrow and that means I'll be out on dads birthday, so he wont be alone on that special day. So on we go into the bright future that is round 5/6. Hopefully since it's an A treatment it wont hit me as hard as the B, well, here's hoping anyway.

Another minor thing that happened today is as we were at the hospital getting bloods taken, my Hickman wouldn't draw. One of them drew a little out, but less then a mill and nowhere near the amount needed. so we took blood from the arm (ouch) and we'll try again tonight or tomorrow morning, although it will need to start working soon, Chemo needs to start pumping at 9 and fluids at 6.

Well I go into hospital at around 10 tonight, I have another go at my scan next Monday, and in between i'll try and post some more. until then, follow my brilliant words, Be good and stay healthy.

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