Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ronald McPost

Howdy all.
Logan is back baby.
So its aparently my turn to post.
Well most of the information has been supplied by mum in the previous posts.
But to update what happened today. We had an appointment with our transplant doctor at 9:30 which became a 11 appointment. And a appointment with a diabetes doc because of my medication induced diabetes. In the end we saw the diabetes doctor first, unfortunately I cant remember her name at this point in time. Anyway, she got me sorted with the whole diabetes talk, explaining why it happens and what insulin does. Anyway, the main overview is that when you have diabetes your cells are less sensitive to insulin which allows glucose into the cells where its used. So now I have 2 insulin pens. 1 long acting one that I take 8 units (0.08 mls) ever 12 hours. And a quick acting one that I take what the docs tell me to every time my blood sugar is above 10.
But back to my appointment with the transplant doctor. When we eventually got to talking to her, we remembered why we hate these appointments. Anyway, basically the nodes in my mouth (most likely disease) have grown. The steroids are obviously not controlling the growth (or atleast they're slowing them down). We asked the doc why we couldn't be on a higher dose of steroids and she informed us that they increase the risk of a fungus infection during transplant. So the very fact that im getting steroids now is out of character, and they wouldn't risk giving me any more.
She also informed us that if the steroids failed to arrest the growth by friday we have to look at either postponing the trasplant for more chemo or simply dropping the transplant entirely (please god no). But basically transplant is all we have. It combines heaviest of all treatments, Radiation, Chemo and my sisters marrow/immunity. We really need to find a better way to get this information because mum and nearly me always end up in tears.
So our current plan for the next couple of days is radiation at 8:30 in the morning tomorrow, then nothing for the rest of the day. And friday we have an appointment with the doc again at 12 to see how things are going and to decide what to do next. And a 2:30 Radiation blast. Atleast we have the weekend off, which we plan to spend with the family, who will be arriving on friday and saturday. Then we have 1 last dose of radiation on monday, which afterwards we are hopeing, that if we need more chemo then we are going to be able to sneak back to the waikato for it. Because I'm certain that Michael can manage chemo.
Well I think that will do for the evening.
So as always, Be good and stay healthy.

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