Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2 in Auckland

Today was full of sunshine... literally. A beautiful warm sun shone down, leaving the wind in the bay, rather than up here.
After breakfast this morning, and blood sugar levels, we headed to the hospital for Logan's 2nd day of radiation therapy. It went smoothly, though the walk up the hill was quite tiring for the boy.
Our day was basically spent doing washing, eating, playing on our computers, and more eating... 
Tonight, the Kiwani, along with Mt Roskill Grammar, cooked us a fabulous meal. We enjoyed a first course of lasagne, salad and bread, followed by ice-cream, apple crumble, and custard.  They were so nice... And there are leftovers so we might even be able to have some for lunch tomorrow :) We do miss our friends and family though... but thanks to everyone who has phoned to say hi, it makes Logan's day... he is ready to trade me in for a pizza!
This evening, we chatted with our friends on line, and watched t.v. in bed after early showers.
Sorry life is so terribly boring for us... it makes for totally mundane reading...

So instead I will leave you with pictures of the view from our window at 5pm this evening... So lovely that I almost forgot where I was and why....

Tracy and Logan


  1. Pretty pics....never thought I'd say that about Auckland!!!! Hugs n kisses n stuff.