Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A post from Mummy...

Hey Y'all,
Well its all busy busy busy... as Logan said.  I might just fill in a couple of the gaps that he left. As he said, he was in a hurry, but that's no reason to ignore his fans!

If I might take you back to last week...

As he said, on Wednesday, early afternoon, be spiked a wee temperature.  This was somewhat bothersome as we had plans to go and see the infamous Ligel Latta (potty mouth that he is). We met Ellyn in the outpatient clinic, and convinced doctors and nurses alike that I could care for Logan well, and that we just needed a dose of IV antibitoics and then we would be on our way.  They rushed us up to the ward, where they gave him both types that he required and we raced/wheeled out the door.  Although he is back walking, it is at a slow pace, and we were in a hurry.
Our evening with Nigel Latta was amazing (as anyone there will tell you). Logan, Evan and I were in stitches. Unfortunately during the evening, and after we arrived home, Logan's temp raced up to 39.6 which is unacceptable for anyone.  We are unable to give him panadol as that can mask other life threatening conditions that can occur whilst he is neutrapenic.
So once again, to the hospital we went, arriving there at around 10.45.  Dears that they are, they rushed him straight thru and then up to the ward. They had done all the blood tests and cultures earlier so there was no point in doing them again.  At midnight we retired to our bed in room 21 (a new room for us).
It is quite strange being on the ward, when Logan doesn't actually feel ill.  As you can imagine, Logan and I got up to quite a bit of mischief over the course of the next few days... however rumours of pillow fights at midnight are probably greatly overrated!
Michael said repeatedly that we could make our great escape when either his temperature broke, or his neutraphils came back to life (they went on holiday). This occured on Saturday, so we headed out and Logan treated his mummy and daddy to lunch down at the lake.
Logan and I had a lovely night at home, before heading to Auckland on Sunday evening (yes again).  We spent the night in the old Ronald McDonald house which is located on the hospital grounds.  It is not quite as new as Grafton Mews, but much bigger. Definitely suitable for younger people, but Logan and I found it quite noisy.
We headed up for his scans on Monday morning (I pushed him up hill!).  He had a cannula inserted into his arm at 9am, followed by a CT scan at half past, then at 10.30 he had an MRI scan in a private facility attached to the hospital.  This was paid for by the hospital, as they had no spaces in their own machine.
During this time, I had a call from the oncology nurse to say that we had an outpatient appointment the following day... to cut a long story short... i explained that that wasn't going to be a happening thing (apparently someone had forget to phone us).  They phoned the doc who, bless his cotton socks, arranged to see us at 3.30pm.  Logan and I then went and had a bite to eat (he had been nil by mouth), then we went down to the CCF down the road.  They have a lovely QUIET family lounge, where we chilled until our appt.  They kindly dropped us up there, so we wouldn't have to get a carpark.  We learnt lots of stuff.  But the doc was really up front with us and respectful of Logan.

As soon as we left there (4.45) we headed to the car and home again!

Thank goodness for Pokeno... their icecreams kept us awake till we got home again!

So that's about everything... Logan is just chilling for the next week and a half, whilst I am busy trying to fundraise for Brad's trip, and plan Brad's 21st.... just another ordinary day!

Love to ya all,
Take care and keep smiling

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