Sunday, September 11, 2011

busy busy busy

Hiya guys.
Very quick post today, when in all honesty it deserves a lot more time then I have to give it. The reason for this rushed-ness is that we are about to head off to Auckland for more scans.

Anyway, lets start at Tuesday last week. We had an appointment with doctor Hardy, the dedicated among you will remember him as the orthopedic consultant/surgeon who saw me on diagnosis. He got an x-ray of my right leg and deemed it healed. So walking again. YAY!!!!!! moving right along.

By this stage in the week I was definitely neutropenic (no immunity) so when I spiked a temp that afternoon we popped in to Waikato hospital to get checked over and grab some antibiotics. We were all sorted to have the district health nurse come in the morning to give me half of the antibiotics and to get the second half in the evening at ward 25 so we escaped to go see Nigel Latta, known for his politically incorrect guide to parenting. And he is hilarious. But unfortunately, after the show, my temp reached 39 so back to hospital we went.

We stayed there till yesterday, when my fever broke and my immunity got back from holiday. So I shouted mum and dad lunch by the lake.

Well that's most of it I think. Enjoy whats left of this rainy Sunday afternoon.
Till next time, be good and stay healthy.
P.S. Go the mighty All Blacks

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