Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Hamiltonians....

And the rest of the world... Sorry about the sabbatical... been seeing to so much stuff lately, forgot about ya'll on the computer.

So much to do, so little time to do it in.... the countdown has begun to the party/leaving day.  My thoughts have decided not to come in any particular order so you will have to sort them as you read... seems fair to me!

Last Friday Evans sister arrived from Nelson with her friend from Wales... Needless to say, we have had a very full 5 days of rugby and beer, as is the culture in Wales... Evans friend took pity on Evan, who has no money to buy beer and proceeded to make sure he didnt dehydrate... how kind of him... which resulted in me making sure he didnt drown! Main highlight from the weekend... WATCHING IRELAND BEAT AUSSIE!!!!! oh... and seeing Lynette, Kate and Lee... (snigger).

No further progress so far on Brad's car, so I got proactive (oh god... I hear my nearest and dearest say), and emailed the Waikato Times (specifically the lady who likes Logan), telling her about everything thats happened since we last chatted, and Brad's car etc... Consequently (oh god... they say again)... she came round this morning with a photographer and took his story... It should be in tomorrow mornings paper... If I DO get hold of the bugger who took Brad's car he will live to regret it (and yes I know I said he... but thats just the odds.. sorry blokes out there).

Logan (who this blog is really about), went in for chemo yesterday with his Aunty Lynette.  It is his final one before the conditioning, just to hold him in remission... rather important really.  Afterwards, Auntie took him to the pub to collect Lee, who offered him a beer (as only a Welshman would), which he smartly refused...

Not sure if I mentioned before (and I cant be bothered checking), Logans scans all came back clear the other day when we were in Auckland... which was awesome... including his spinal fluid and bone marrow... YAY!

Evan and I took Jazz and Jamie to say goodbye to their Grandma in Rotorua yesterday, who passed away last week. Our love and thoughts go to Alex, Norrie and their family... your tributes to Linda showed just how much she was loved and valued in her lifetime... she made so much difference to the world...

Last week (Thursday I think), Logan went to Northern Health School to say hi and catch up. They had a quick game of cards together in their break before I collected him again. I could hear them laughing before I even entered the room... they are a great bunch of people who really care about each other. Logan has talked with them using the camera and a program like skpye, from Starship a couple of times and it really brightens his long (dare I say lonely) days.  This time he plans to take his computer that he was given by Make a Wish so I am not sure that they will get many calls, as Zombie Killing seems to take priority over just about everything these days.

Apart from all this... Logan is doing well.  I am not looking forward to packing for our time away... the seasons will be changing cause we will be away so long! Logan is tossing over which day to leave... he kinda wants to be here Sunday evening, but doesnt want to get up too early Monday morning... Typical teen.  We will be spending at least a week in Ronald McDonald House. Not sure which one yet, but will post when we know. Then when we head into Starship, Evan will move into our place at Ronald McDonald house and stay there for several weeks working from Fonterra in Auckland so that he can be close to us.

Lots of people have said they want to help but dont know how... and another friend said I should make a list... so I have come up with a couple of things... If someone asks you.. just send them to the list... cause very soon I think I might be so flat out that thinking wont be on the top of my list.
- check on Brad and Charlee while we are away
- drop off meals for Brad and Charlee
- if you are in Auckland, stop into starship for half an hour so I can go out for a break
- check the kids are feeding my animals (2 cats and fish) (donot feed the fish to the cats!)
- make sure the kids are bringing in the mail
- remind the kids to mow the lawns
- tidy the gardens
- check the chooks still alive (should be 4) I will sort someone to feed them and collect the eggs
- drop by the house if the kids know you and make sure they havent trashed the place... if they dont know you they wont let you in! See if it needs cleaning and let me know... I will text them a bomb to put under themselves
- groceries are welcome at both Auckland and Hamilton... Evan will be cutting his hours to help me with Logan and he is our bread winner, so all assistance now gratefully accepted... (man are we gonna have a long list of people to have over for dinner when this is all over...)
- the week of the transplant... please take care of Brad... the rest of us will be in Auckland... unless he changes his mind and comes up as well, but it is not expected

Okay... as I'm sick of writing this, you must be bored of reading it... know that we love you all and are so grateful for all of your support... Again the journey is about to begin... Unless something monumental happens, this will be my last post till we arrive in Auckland...

Thanks for being you

Tracy, Logan and Family

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