Friday, September 2, 2011


Logan chillin in his room, with his dolphin swimming above his head...

Logans hair begain to thin, so we decided to just pull out the loose stuff, and ended up plucking him!

Logan with just his baby fluff

Dai Henwood visited us at Ronald McDonald House.... He was so nice... Logan was really excited

 Charlee and Dai had fun trying to get Logan to laugh but he just thought they were nuts.
Logan preparing to have his radiation mask mould made

glad wrapped... to protect his head from sticking to the plaster

The plaster was applied to his head in strips within three minutes and left for two minutes to harden

Waiting for it to harden...

Pull gently... I need my ears

The mould... from this they will make a clear plastic mask for him to wear whilst having his radiation therapy... photos of this to come...

Logan and I visited the Wintergardens after the masking... it was beautiful... but not on a par with Hamilton.  Lovely orchids tho, and we took heaps of photos to show grandad.

Logan and Nana Diane... we went and had fish and chips for lunch with her.  A quick visit turned into several hours and sadly we returned to RMcD house... We dont see you enough Nana...

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