Friday, September 2, 2011


Sorry about the quality of these ones... I had no camera and had to use my phone....

This photo was taken during the preparation and setup for Logan's total body radiation (TBI).  They need to made sure that Logan's entire body is the same density so that the radiation spreads evenly and he is properly toasted! They measured the widths of his body from the top of his head, to the tip of his toes. They will put buffers next to the parts of his body (like his lungs) that have very little density...

Logan will have to sit (lay) in this position for around 40 minutes, without moving, but he is allowed to take his own music or a DVD. He will have this treatment twice a day for three days as part of his conditioning for the transplant.

The fitting of the mask.... it fits exactly right. It is clipped to the board so that when Logan has his cranial radiation (once a day for 6 days), he will be still and centered. His sessions will last for 15 minutes.They assured Logan that he can sit up if he needs to as the whole board behind his head will lift to.  There will also be a speaker so he can talk to them and visa versa.

Logan's impression of Hannibal Lecter

Every young person in the oncology ward has the choice of having their own door plaque made... each one is unique. Logan chose this personally.

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