Thursday, November 18, 2010

They Arrived Safely!!!!!!

Evan phoned at 6pm (midnight their time) from the hospital to say they had arrived safely.  Logan slept most of the way.  He only spiked fevers on the international flight.  I assume they will do the meet and greet during our night time and by the time we wake up will have the afternoon to themselves to explore... should they have the energy.

Keep sending those prayers....

Miracles can happen....


  1. Sending our support Logan - stay strong...It is so good that you are getting personalized treatment. We are all thinking about you and we discuss you often.
    Meg, nige, Dom, Jeah

  2. Hey Logan, i was one of your camp leaders last year. You are so brave! Good luck in America, I totally agree that miracles can happen, stay positive and you are so lucky that you don't have to fight this alone.
    Lauren =)