Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Fun Day

Hiya guys, Logan here!
Today we did in fact get into DC, it is an amazing place: Tall buildings, massive monuments, and a great atmosphere. Dad and I had a great day!

To start with we had a half hour ride on the metro, which is was rather confusing to get into, as the main entrances are large escalators. It took about 10 min and dad a trip down the escalators and back before we figured it out. They have elevators! But not in the obvious place right by the escalators, they were tucked away a 150 metres from the escalators. And  I say when these were elevators, i mean they were a box, just big enough for my chair and this is with us having lowered the long leg as I can bend my knee a bit more.

Well enough about the elevators, metro is actually quite a simple place to be, as long as you not at central, where we were headed. Getting on was simple, we waited in the station for 5 min before our chariot arrived, and other then the loud rattling it makes as it zooms along, it is quite a way to travel!

On arrival at metro central, the confusion started, we had to go down a lift, walk to another then find a third to get out, doing this in the dusk-ish lighting was great fun, but we managed, as we always do.

Out we stumbled into the light to the brisk morning of DC, cars zooming and people walking on their own private missions. At this point we were forced to consult the map, because the streets in DC are winding and we had no idea which direction we needed to travel in. But we solved the problem and off me walked/rolled to our destinations, starting with the washington monument. We made it down 12th street and found what we were looking for, the National Mall (the area all the smithsonions, the washington monument and government buildings occupy -for those who don't know). Of course the first thing that catches your eye is the washington monument, that huge obelisk (which belongs in Egypt I might add), that stands for all to see.
So we wandered towards it in a rather unrushed manner, we didn't even bother getting too close as it was on a rise and surrounded by people, but we got pictures, that is the important part.

Our next destination was the National Natural History Meuseum, a popular spot and a good choice in our day of fun. Since where we were when we headed for the museum was equal distance from the main entrance and the secondary door (still a major door) we thought we would head for the main entrance that was on the Mall side of the building, so we could look around as we walk. As we approched a sign pointed out that the museum we were heading towards was in fact the building we were looking for, we continued eagerly. unfortunately our bubble was popped when a sign at the STAIRS, points out that the wheel chair access was on the other side of the building, this wouldn't have been such a big issue if the building wasn't so HUGE. So we headed back in the direction we had just come from to reach the other side. As we passed the sign I noticed what it had failed to mention on the other side, "Access other side of building" (not the exact words of course, i fail to remember what the street was called), something that would have been useful on the OTHER SIDE!

Eventually we reached the enterance and it was amazing, although the effect was delayed slightly by the fact that we arrived on the floor below the main muesum, mostly filled with cafes and  gift shops. upon taking the lift however we were greeted by the famous African Bush Elephant, on display since 1959. Now I won't bore you all by describing each and every exibit, but they were magical. They had a T-Rex Skeleton,  massive whale skulls, extremely large crystals, a live butterfly house, and soo many more I couldn't name them all if i wanted to. But if you ever in the DC area, and have some free time, stop in, admission's free and there there is soo much to see.

The National Air and space Mueseum was our next destination, and we had no trouble locating or entering. Although security was fun, they scan your bags, and walk you through a metal detector like they have at the airport, although for some reason it didn't go off when my chair went through, strange really. But once again instant WOW factor, They have planes and rockets hanging over head, with lander modules and other interesting air flight crafts, and there was always more to see. Their were flight simulator, an air bus cockpit you can explore and IMAX theatres with all sorts of flying related movies showing (we were a bit short on time to explore these unfortunately), real sized rockets, REAL rockets and planes (no longer working of course). It was really intriguing to learn how our flight has evolved and all the mishaps and triumphs that came along with it. Again, get in to see it if you can, good fun for adults and kids.
After all this it was getting late, so home bound on the metro, with no confusion this time (we saw squirrels on the way there). It's been rest and food since then. And i must sign off now, thankyou for bearing with me as I blabbered about my day. It's bed time now, as we have an early morning tomorrow so we can catch our flights home. I'll try and leave a post in my stop over in San Fransisco.
But for now, goodnight, and enjoy your afternoon in New Zealand.


  1. Hello,
    I don't really know you personally, but I do attend Hillcrest High - and I happened to hear about you through Junats. I think you're one very brave individual.

    Best of wishes to you! :)

  2. Hi Logan, Stuart actually. Sounds like a great day...thanks for the travel tips!

  3. What an awesome day !!! Please blabber more as I certainly enjoy hearing your adventures!!!

    All of the clan. =D

  4. Wow Logan that sounds amazing, i am so jealous but so thankful for your good news. God bless! Love Anna and Lance Parkinson