Monday, November 29, 2010

Hospital Time

Hiya Everyone, Logan here.
Writing today from a hospital bed, with fluids being pumped in.
We arrived yesterday (Sunday afternoon) to a quiet ward.
With most people disappearing over the weekend and reappearing on Monday, making for a mad rush if you arrive then.
It was a rather painful Sunday, they blew out 2 veins trying to secure a lure line, which is basically where the needle goes in on side of the vein and then out the other side. Meaning they needed to stick 3 needles into my arm to secure a line to begin my chemo.
Thanks to these blow outs I had even more trouble when it came to taking blood, as they need to regularly, for as they tightened the tourniquet on my arm, my vein practically shot out of my arm, making drawing blood impossible. The other arm was out because of my new lure line, yet even more fun when they applied the tourniquet.

At the moment they're pumping in chemo, while i wait for lunch, I'm sooooooooo hungry.
That's all i have to say for now, so goodbye for now, enjoy your day, and stay healthy.


  1. I hope to visit again soon... I know you have a hard slog ahead, but keep your chin up :)
    I think of you everyday, tell those horrible people putting needles in to be gentle with my nephew (humph!)...
    Love you lots
    Aunty Carolyn

  2. Hi logan, its Aidan here, hope it all goes well and I get to see you again soon. Tell the doctors to be nice and gentle :) Im glad that you've started a blog so everyone can see whats happining. Have a great time in the States.

    Love you, Aidan

  3. Oooh nasty. Are they still going to give you a portacath? That might help avoid those yuck blow outs. Thinking of you heaps.