Saturday, November 20, 2010

No more tests - for now

Logan has had an MRI and a PET scan today to confirm the new diagnosis.  Apart from that it's been a quiet day.  We have had our final meeting with the doctors at NIH and we do not have to go back there unless something happens - which it won't.  We have nothing but good things to say about the NIH staff - very friendly, sympathetic, and helpful.
Dr Meikel (NIH) was to discuss Logans new treatment with Dr Jamieson (WDHB) soon after our final meeting so everything should be in place when we get home.

We are flying out of Dulles airport Sunday morning 8:15am(local) to San Francisco arriving there at 11:15am (local).  We don't get onto our flight home until 7:30pm (local) as this is the first flight with business class seats free. Not sure how we will fill the gap yet. We arrive in NZ 5:55amNZ Tuesday morning.

This gives us Saturday to ourselves.  The current plan is to catch the Metro into Washington DC to go to the Smithsonian museums and maybe see the White House. The weather is supposed to be good.


  1. Hope you guys are ok and getting some sleep! Logan - hope you get to see the smithsonian museums, really really really cool place. never seen it myself hahaha. we will catch up with you soon. all our love, shane,tracey,aidan,ryan & kayleigh :)

  2. Wow, neat photo, lab coats and everything proffessionaaaaaaaal haha Hope you have as much fun as capable, and buy lots of junk food etc, get fat and play lots of games LMAO! <3

    SheriBerri, from Donaldsons Dairy

  3. Looking forward to you both coming home, we've had a busy week getting things sorted at home, but its starting to come together nicely! Much thanks to local business and Family friends for their assistance and time to make the additions go smoothly.