Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awesome Update!!!!! - 16 November 2010

Last night Logan's Oncologist called to say that there was a new clinical trial in the states.  It involves taking a sample of Logan's tumour and his blood and making a vaccine to fight the cancer.  Trials so far have proved successful.  So today I have been crazy busy organising everything from test results, to visa's.  Logan will be the first to receive the treatment which will be given to him on completion of his 6mth chemo in a series of fortnightly injections.  The DHB has come to the party and paid for two business class tickets to fly him to the states.  Then the states pick up the bill and pay for all our expenses there, then the DHB flies him back.  Evan will go with him.  This treatment has so far meant that 75% of people who have received it at the end of their chemo have stayed cancer free for 3yrs (the time length of the trial so far).  This could prove awesome for Logan!!!!

We feel blessed that these opportunities are coming our way.  Logan is the only one from NZ to qualify at the moment as one of the protocols is that you cannot have had chemo.  If we had of started last week as suggested, then this would not be available to us either.

That the powers that be, that we have such a wonderful oncologist who is looking constantly for opportunities for his young people.

All hail Dr Jameson!!!!!


  1. Awesome. Safe travels. Lots of love Nicky

  2. Logan's Epic Journey just got 'Epic-er'....this is SUCH exciting news!! As this treatment is not available if he had started chemo....and he hadn't...I can only conclude that there is a collective-bargaining-group-of-international -heaven-space-occupying angels working in your favour! Wow, have you guys got some heavy duty influences on your side or what!!!!!!!!!

    love Meg Nige n whanau

  3. Wow - lucky break! Things will hopefully continue to go well for all you guys. Certainly you deserve plenty of good karma as you are wonderful folk.